First we ride with our Land Rovers through endless forests and over winding roads, deep in the heart of the Taurus Mountains. Along beautiful rivers, amazing little villages, leads the ride into picturesque mountain scenery. Daring river crossings, bold ramps and bumpy roads in higher altitude. The Land Rovers are perfectly maintained and completely equipped for the wild driving. Enjoy Amazing views to the Mediterranean see.

After about 1.5 hours we will reach Aladdin’s Base where excellent food will be served.

After an hour rest we enter the fabulous world from the bottom. This also allows timid and not so sporty people to experience a taste of adventure. The further the more difficult it gets. This means, less active people have the ability to stop, for the others, it goes deeper into the canyon to some more and daring fun.

Bizarre sandstone formations shimmer in the sunlight. Little springs press through sheer Rocks. No rough corners and edges, all are gently rounded through the river of crystal clear water. Deep pools allow small jumps as well as large ones. The refreshing stream flows between hundreds of meters of high walls, spectacular and absolutely safe. Enjoy climbing, swimming, diving and jumping in this gorgeous canyon.

For those, whom any activity is a burden we have shady areas in Aladdin’s Serail, (our base) available. The base is equipped with a kitchen, toilets, showers, changing rooms and a magnificent `chill out' area. Excellent food and refreshing drinks contribute to the physical well being.