The Land Rovers will bring us over a very spectacular street high up the mountain. Already while driving you can see fantastic limes stone formations and huge caves along the road. At the End of the road a 20 Minute hike over a wild goat trek will bring us to two different rappels. Which one you use will depend what you dare, at one the descent is about 30 meters and the other one leads over 3 sections around 200 meter into the dark abyss.
Down at the bottom the gorge is wide open and we hike through an ocean of pinkish oleander. Slowly the canyon gets narrower and big boulders enable some easy climbs, finally a first jump, starts the fun.
Now canyoning at its best: Cristal clear water in tide channels, scary dives and daring jumps up to 15 meters. The surrounding walls rise up to 400 meters and there are no sharp edges, all rounded by million years of running waters. It continues with a lot of jumps, climbing in waterfalls and exiting swimming through the narrow passages

Service: Transfers Hotel-Base-Hotel. Equipment, guides, local food with fish, chicken, salad, spaghetti, rice and fresh bred.

Pricing: Adults € 90

We provide the following equipment for each guest: Long wetsuits, Neoprene Jacket, shoes and CE approved live jacket (on request). Helmets and UIAGM proved climbing gear, complete the equipment. All of our Guides are certified by IAGA (International Adventure Guide Association).

What to bring: Swimsuit, towel and sunscreen. We create professional videos and photos.